12 Week Fitness Guide to Unlock your Dream Body *

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Ultimate body fitness guide 2x min min Ultimate Body Fitness Guide
  • 12 week step by step training program
  • Unlock the afterburn effect*
  • Rapidly burn fat with our high intensity formula*
  • Save time by working out in under 24 minutes
  • BONUS 4 week pre-training program
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  • Ultimate Body Fitness Guide
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Superfood nutrition guide 2x min min Super Food Nutrition Guide
  • 12 week meal planning and recipe guide
  • Unlock your dream body
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  • Worksheet to record progress and results
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Feel the #BossEffect

Get ready to transform your body with the BodyBoss Method*

  • Unlock Your Dream Body*
  • Rock that Bikini
  • Accelerate Fat Loss*
  • Trigger the "Afterburn" Effect*

What you get in your BodyBoss Fitness Guide:

  • 12 week Fitness Program
  • Optimized Training Cycles
  • 60 exercises across 48 workouts
  • High Intensity Circuits
  • Body Goals Worksheet
  • BONUS 4 week pre-training guide

Why It Works

1. Unlock the Boss Effect (#BossEffect)

Body Boss workouts deliver big results in a short amount of time. They accelerate fat loss and improve your fitness. We call it the #BossEffect.*

2. It doesn’t take much to get amazing results

As little as 24 minutes, 3 times a week is all you need to see results. After completing the program, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.*

3. You’ll be bikini ready

Get ready to meet your Ultimate Body. Expect bikini-worthy abs, plus sleeker arms, booty, and thighs.*

4. It’s easy

Our step-by-step Guide is easy to follow and the circuits are fun and engaging. There’s minimal fitness equipment needed, and no expensive gym memberships or tricky apps.

5. It saves time

The Body Boss Method is designed for busy women like you, to achieve optimal fitness and toning results in the shortest amount of time.*

6. Supercharge your body with Super Foods

Structured healthy eating plan to crush cravings, lose weight and build the body of your dreams.*

How it works - The Afterburn Effect and HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training]

BodyBoss Results

Become the boss of your own body like these girls and start your BodyBoss Journey today...

I was never into fitness and dreaded working out in the gym until I found Bodyboss! started out slow with the pre-training program and now, just 3 weeks into the main programme and i’m already seeing amazing results! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
I have been doing BodyBoss for 4 weeks now and just completed the pre training. I am really blown away but the toning effect, I could feel it very quickly and motivated me to keep going. I have had 2 kids and really noticed the drop in muscle mass. Despite being very active with 2 little ones, it was not enough to tone the body. Once I drop the kids off to day care, I do BodyBoss, quick and easy. Looking forward to starting the main program next week, whoo! #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
My progress after 7 weeks! I've lost 6 inches off my waist and I'm down 3 sizes!!! Never felt better about my body! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect *

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

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