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Fitness & Nutrition Bundle

4.8/5 (1139) View reviews
  • Best value for maximum results
  • All you need to transform your body
  • Full 12 Week Fitness Guide
  • Full 12 Week Nutrition Guide

Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

BodyBoss HIIT circuits work every muscle in your body, switching it into hyperdrive to supercharge fat loss and boost your metabolism!

  • 12 week step-by-step exercise program
  • 24 minutes (active), 3x a week
  • Rapidly burn fat with HIIT circuits

Superfood Nutrition Guide

Revolutionize your diet by learning how nutrient-dense Superfood can jumpstart your metabolism, help banish cravings and boost your energy levels!

  • 12 week step-by-step Superfood meal plan
  • 150+ delicious & easy healthy recipes
  • Unlock the power of Superfood

Why Get The Fitness & Nutrition

  • Over 480 pages
  • 150+ nutritious & tasty healthy recipes
  • 60 exercises over 48 circuits
  • BONUS: FREE 4 week Pre-Training
  • BONUS: Free Smoothie & Dessert Recipe Book

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 (1139)
by on October 19, 2018
I love how you can do it at your own pace and it keeps you motivated. Wish there was an app you could log in to so you can take it on the go and not worry about having the book
by on October 19, 2018
I love that you have a preprogrammed and am doing twice until I am more fit. I love the variety. I would just suggest telling others that it is okay to do the pre weeks again if you need too.
by on October 19, 2018
Lost 14lbs in 7 weeks!!
by on October 18, 2018
Give examples for modifications on the exercises. We are not all 20 somethings like the pictured models. The pictures of woman with their butt cracks sitting by pool are slightly obnoxious.
by on October 18, 2018
It's simple and effective
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