12 Week Fitness Guide to Unlock your Dream Body *

Real Results

Real Results

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*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

I just finished week 4 of the pre training. I am a 30-year-old stay/work at home mother of 3 kids. Since starting bodyboss I have my energy back and I feel myself again…. And I feel sexy again…thank you! Bodyboss is great at easing you into [workouts] with the pre training. I love that it [provides alternatives] for equipment so everything can be done in your home without having to buy all this equipment. I use soup cans for my weights! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
I was never into fitness and dreaded working out in the gym until I found Bodyboss! started out slow with the pre-training program and now, just 3 weeks into the main programme and i’m already seeing amazing results! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
I struggled to commit to the program at first, but the workouts are really quick and the demonstrations make the exercises easy to follow. Just 3 weeks in and look at me now! I can't wait to complete the 12 weeks @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
After the first cycle I noticed a difference. I don't even weigh myself because I don't care about the number on the scale- I just care about feeling fit and being toned. After my first cycle I was really motivated and it's still encouraging me to consistently complete the workouts and opt for healthier food choices. It doesn't take hours at the gym--I can do the workouts wherever. I am excited about the confidence this program has enabled me with. I am so proud of the results and am on my way to becoming toned! I hope this encourages someone to give it a try! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
After 2 kids and no exercise for 3 years I felt terrible. I had started back at the gym and even though I was feeling fitter I wasn't seeing any change in my physique. I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I started #bodyboss 4 weeks ago. Through previous training I'm familiar with the exercises so did just 2 weeks of the pre training and am now 2 weeks into the programme. The results are unreal. I feel fitter, firmer, stronger and most importantly comfortable. Looking forward to the journey ahead!!! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect *
I hadn’t used a workout plan before so I was unsure at first, but I found it really easy to use and I’m loving the results so far! Just 2 weeks into the program and i’ve lost 3 inches off my waist! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
After having my second baby in 2 years, I wanted to get back into working out. I love BodyBoss because I can do it at home. Just being able to do it in under 30 minutes is amazing. The biggest change I’ve experienced so far, even after 2 weeks, I’m starting to see definition again and feel a bit tighter but most of all I feel like I’m eating healthier. It’s quick and effective! I can’t wait to see how things progress. @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
I have been doing BodyBoss for just over a month now and I dropped 3 kilograms, it is really amazing. Yes, I was pretty lazy before but really motivated to keep going. #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *
I have been doing BodyBoss for 4 weeks now and just completed the pre training. I am really blown away but the toning effect, I could feel it very quickly and motivated me to keep going. I have had 2 kids and really noticed the drop in muscle mass. Despite being very active with 2 little ones, it was not enough to tone the body. Once I drop the kids off to day care, I do BodyBoss, quick and easy. Looking forward to starting the main program next week, whoo! #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *
I started BodyBoss 5 weeks ago because I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. After 5 weeks, I can do 30 push ups without stopping. BodyBoss isn't just a workout I do 3 times a week, it's become something that pushes me to be better. I've made so many choices to be healthier and I owe it all to these workouts. If I didn't take a "before" photo, I wouldn't believe the progress I've made. I can't wait to see where I am at week 12. #BossEffect #BodyBoss @BodyBossMethod *
I love it so far! I’m on week two of the actual program now and I can see a difference, mostly in my butt and leg area! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
I'm finding the method really manageable in terms of time, but I love how you can feel specific areas being targeted and how you can really see and feel the results! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
Results in just 1 week! Cannot wait for week 16!!! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Love the flexibility. Each session is so quick and you can do it anywhere, even at home! This is after 2 weeks and I am super happy with the results already. Definitely addicted! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
A little close up of my before & after focusing on my back. This is where I've noticed the biggest difference, which is great because this is one of the places I wanted to tone up the most! This after 4 weeks of the pre-training and 3 weeks into the 12 week program!(: #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *