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Real Results

Real Results

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*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

India Furse (@pindlie)
Week 12
For the first time ever, I didn't feel completely embarrassed to wear a bikini in public. What made these results especially fantastic was the fact that they were all happening without having to waste precious time or money on gym memberships or boot camps. Having started out as a 90kg high school graduate, I’m now only 3kg away from my goal weight, and for the first time ever feel like reaching it is not only a possibility, but a certainty- and I honestly don't think that would have been possible without BodyBoss. @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Samantha Gordy Trichel (@samanthagordy)
Week 12
A year ago, I weighed 168 lbs, and for 10 months, I struggled to lose 20 lbs with lots of ups and downs. So I decided to try BodyBoss and in less than 3 months, I lost an additional 23lbs and 3 sizes. I gained strength, confidence, and a new lease on life. I love this program and have recommended it to all my friends and family! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Leen Nyuts
Week 2 PT
After only 2 weeks of Pre-Training, I lost 4kg, 8 cm around my belly, 4cm around my waist and 1.5 cm around my arms. Completing the workouts gives me a sense of accomplishment and that feeling is quite addictive! Also, seeing results so quickly is amazing! I love the BodyBoss Method community on Facebook. They keep me motivated and push me to do better! I also feel stronger and more confident! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Naomi (@naomishads)
Week 4 PT
I'm finding the method really manageable in terms of time, but I love how you can feel specific areas being targeted and how you can really see and feel the results! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
Kelley F
Week 12
I'm 34, a mom of 2 young kids and I work part-time. I lost a total of 13 lbs, 3” off my waist, 4” off my tummy and 2.5” off each thigh. I’m proud of my work and excited to continue the program! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Stacey Ferguson
Week 10
I’m on Week 10 and I’ve lost 25 pounds since I started! I just had my third child and I wanted to get back in shape. I love BodyBoss because it’s so convenient, and you can literally do it anywhere and it works. I feel stronger every week and my shape changed so quickly!"" @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Francine Spencer (@thestyleassociate_)
Week 4 PT
Thanks to BodyBoss, I only needed to workout 3 times a week at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home. I lost 5lbs and 6 inches all over my body and BodyBoss has helped me to get back on track with my fitness journey. I do hope that my journey can inspire and motivate others to do the same. It's a lifestyle change and it'll be one of the best choices you'll ever make. @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Hannah Smith (@platformsandpacifiers)
Week 8
I've lost 4 inches around my waist! There is no better feeling than sliding into your fave pair of jeans and being able to button them! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Jillian Lauk (@jillylauk)
Week 12
This program changed my life! It is quick, convenient and effective. I lost 10 pounds and am much leaner now. @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Katie Hope
Week 6
I absolutely adore BodyBoss. I saw results after 2 weeks of the Pre-Training and that motivated me to finish the program! I'm now on week 6 and loving it!

I just love that these workouts fit in with the teacher lifestyle - especially during term time! These workouts are so quick and effective, every teacher should be a part of this movement! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Elie (@loseitwithelie)
Week 7
In 7 weeks, and I'm so much more toned than I used to be! I have way more energy, I'm happier, and BodyBoss gave me the results I’ve wanted for years! Love this program!! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Lindsey Harris (@lindseyblair24)
Week 4 PT
I lost 12 pounds, 9.5 inches over my entire body by the end of the Pre-Training.

I started BodyBoss because I travel a lot for work. I was drawn by the fact that the workouts can be done anywhere with pretty much no equipment needed. It's easy for me to quickly get the workouts done in my hotel room or before work. I love BodyBoss because it works with my schedule and it is quick and fun. The fact that it’s a book rather than a video also appeals to me because I am not stressing out trying to keep up with professionals in the video. @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Monique de Goeij
Week 12
I chose BodyBoss because I saw real women on their pages and their progress motivated me. Also, I really hate going to the gym. With BodyBoss, I can just workout at home with very little equipment. I've lost 23lbs and a lot of inches. BodyBoss even got me hooked on working out! And I'm doing the program for the second time!
@BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Stephanie Estridge
Week 6
I'm 32 years old, and a mother of two! After my second baby. I gained 55 lbs. The weight didn’t come off from running alone and with a toddler, I couldn’t run as often or as long as I wanted, and that's when I decided to try BodyBoss. I saw some real changes by the end of 3 weeks, and by the end of Cycle 2 (3 weeks later), I had my stomach back! Very happy with my purchase and excited to get to the end of the program! *
Week 4 PT
I started the #BodyBoss program because I wasn't feeling good about myself anymore and I NEEDED a change💥 I have never been able to stick to a workout program before but @bodybossmethod has completely changed that. The workout kicked my ass💪🏼The guide is super easy to follow and it can fit in pretty much any schedule! I feel so much better and the results are incredible! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Madisen Clark (@livingwithalittleextra)
Week 4 PT
I've always been athletic and in good shape till I had my first child. This before picture is after having my baby and I spent months at home not wanting to leave her to go to the gym. Thanks to BodyBoss, I’m able to workout at home when my baby is asleep. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far and I’m definitely going to finish the 12 weeks to get my pre-baby body back! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Mika Burke
Week 9
After a few major life changes in the past year, I found myself 20 lbs heavier. My clothes became painfully snug and I stopped looking at myself in the mirror, because I didn’t feel like I was looking at myself anymore. I felt desperate to make a change and I came across BodyBoss and I love that the book has everything you need. I didn’t have to worry about planning my workouts. The convenience is great, but I found the best part of BodyBoss is the support from the community. Motivation can be very difficult, and I would go to BodyBoss community when I need inspiration to keep going. I am so happy after 9 weeks of the program, I have improved my confidence and fitness level and I love that I can share that pride with the BodyBoss community as a whole. Thank you so much for getting my life back on track! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Ericka Gaffney (@erickaincminor)
Week 4 PT
In the first 4 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and a total of 16 inches all over my body. BodyBoss is the best bang for your buck. 4 months of workouts laid out for you, and that you can do them anywhere. I'm not great at making my own workouts so this really helped! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Ashley Hensley
Week 4
I'm a 30 year old stay-home mom of 2 girls. I wanted a workout routine that I could stick with to help me feel good about myself again. But, most importantly, it must fit into our schedule. After months of research, I found BodyBoss! It. Is. Amazing. I’ve lost 3 pants sizes in just 4 weeks!I LOVE the fact that everything is in the book. All my days are planned for me. I can listen to my own music and push myself as hard as I want. So excited for the weeks to come! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Su Melville (@sumelville)
Week 12
I have lost 10 pounds, my waist is down 3 inches and my hips 2 - but far more importantly, my body shape has changed, I no longer have a lower tummy sagging towards my thighs - totally gone! I even discovered muscles in my upper arms! But possibly more importantly than even all that - I can fit back into my old clothes!! Bear in mind, I have not dieted at all during my BodyBoss journey! I try to eat healthily but if a really fancy a doughnut I will have a doughnut! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Katie Landin
Week 4 PT
I'm a stay-home mom of three kids and I got on BodyBoss to get my pre-baby body back! I’ve just finished the 4 week Pre-Training and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Lost two inches in my waist! Everything fits better and I'm even more motivated to keep going. I’m excited to see the final result after the 12 weeks! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Week 3 PT
I’m in love with the BodyBoss Fitness Program! And I’ve lost 5 kg and 1 dress size in just 3 weeks! It’s the best fitness guide Ive ever tried! I feel more confident about my body now. @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Brandy Fredlund
Week 4 PT
I am a mom of two toddlers and I have dedicated myself to the BodyBoss Method to get in shape again! I am amazed by my results so far! In just 4 weeks of Pre-Training, I lost 4.5 pounds and over 8 inches from my waistline, back, and hips! I feel like a rockstar after each workout and I cannot wait to see what the next 12 weeks has in store! I hope to inspire other women out there that they CAN do it! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Francy (@francyfpcat)
Week 2
A big thank you to BodyBoss for getting me this booty! And honestly, I’m surprised that I actually got the results in just 2 weeks! Can’t wait to finish the entire program! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
Week 4 PT
I think the results speak for themselves! I have lost about 3kg.I followed the BodyBoss workouts to a T and my body is loving it! Initially, I was unable to complete the sets within the 7 minutes. But now,II can actually push myself to finish within the 7 minutes. And I am ready to take on the main program! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Lizl Tregidga
Week 9
BodyBoss has changed the way I feel about my body, exercise and life in general. I’ve lost 9.6kg in 9 weeks and this makes me feel positive because I've noticed the changes in my body shape and so have others! I love the constant compliments and amount of energy! I love the program. It is varied, challenging and it is easy to fit these workouts into my schedule given that I work full-time as a High School Teacher and have two children aged 6 and 4. I cannot thank you enough. My world is different now and I never want to look back at the old photos again! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Jess (@mrsmckay87)
Week 6
Thank you for getting me started on getting my pre-baby body back! I hated looking in the mirror so I decided to do something about it and when I came across BodyBoss, it seemed like a perfect fit. Only 6 weeks into the main program and the proof is in the pudding! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Gina Toddings (@ginatoddings)
Week 4 PT
I started the program because I had allowed myself to get into a slump over the past year of barely working out, eating poorly, and drinking lots of yummy wine! When I watched your videos and read that I could fit this workout routine into my busy Mom schedule, I was excited to try it! Mostly, I am grateful that I see a huge improvement in my butt and arms!

I have been recommending the program to all my friends who wants to lose weight and tone up! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Week 2 PT
Love the flexibility. Each session is so quick and you can do it anywhere, even at home! This is after 2 weeks and I am super happy with the results already. Definitely addicted! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Week 2
I hadn’t used a workout plan before so I was unsure at first, but I found it really easy to use and I’m loving the results so far! Just 2 weeks into the program and i’ve lost 3 inches off my waist! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Week 4 PT
All I can say is I love BodyBoss Fitness Guide! After a baby and falling off the workout band wagon, this is what I needed. Just after the 4 week pre training, I feel great and noticed such a difference! I'm so excited to continue my journey with your workout guide! Thank you, BodyBoss! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Kendra Ann (@kendra.a.g)
Week 4 PT
I lost 1.5 inches around my waist in 2 weeks! I can see my mid-section becoming leaner and more defined! I love BodyBoss because I can do my workouts at home and it is wayyyy cheaper than getting a gym membership in the long run! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Jodi (@jjjede)
Week 4 PT
I just finished week 4 of the pre training. I am a 30-year-old stay/work at home mother of 3 kids. Since starting bodyboss I have my energy back and I feel myself again... . And I feel sexy again... thank you! Bodyboss is great at easing you into [workouts] with the pre training. I love that it [provides alternatives] for equipment so everything can be done in your home without having to buy all this equipment. I use soup cans for my weights! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Week 3 PT
After having a baby about a year ago, I really stopped exercising. I was surprised when I actually saw my Before/After photos next to each other. I hadn't even realized I had made so much progress. I have been really impressed with the results and I love how easy it is to find time for these workouts. I feel stronger, tighter, and have loved getting back in touch with long lost muscle groups. Seeing this early progress has definitely motivated me. My clothes fit better too! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Cristina (@bodyboss_lassie)
Week 4 PT
I have just finished Week 4 and already I have noticed results on my booty, legs, and belly. I am feeling great with my body, my confidence and self-esteem are rising, my clothes are looking fantastic and it’s not even week 12 yet! I hope to inspire other women who struggled like myself to try the BodyBoss Method and achieve their goals. BodyBoss Method has now become such an integral part of my daily routine that I can't imagine myself without it. Thank you so much! @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Week 3
I struggled to commit to the program at first, but the workouts are really quick and the demonstrations make the exercises easy to follow. Just 3 weeks in and look at me now! I can't wait to complete the 12 weeks @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Niamh Mahon (@niamh171)
Week 3
I started to notice great results in JUST THREE WEEKS! I am so happy with the way my body toned up, abs are starting to appear and even my butt is becoming nice and round! These amazing results spurred me on to keep going, and my friends are doing this program after seeing my results! I’m fitter, healthier, toned, happier and look great too :) @BodyBossMethod #bodyboss #BossEffect *
Week 2
After having my second baby in 2 years, I wanted to get back into working out. I love BodyBoss because I can do it at home. Just being able to do it in under 30 minutes is amazing. The biggest change I’ve experienced so far, even after 2 weeks, I’m starting to see definition again and feel a bit tighter but most of all I feel like I’m eating healthier. It’s quick and effective! I can’t wait to see how things progress. @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Rachel (@archerdakin)
Week 4 PT
My BodyBoss experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. I felt significant changes in my fitness levels just 2 weeks after I began. My butt has firmed and lifted, my tummy has flattened, I've lost a huge amount of weight from my back and hips and my waist is clearly defined now, my thighs are slimmer and my arms are lean and well toned. I expected results but not like this, not this fast and not this extreme. I'm finally feeling confident in my body again and this summer I have been wearing my swimsuit with pride! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
Week 3 PT
I was never into fitness and dreaded working out in the gym until I found Bodyboss! started out slow with the pre-training program and now, just 3 weeks into the Pre-Training and I’m already seeing amazing results! @BodyBossMethod #BossEffect #BodyBoss *
Jennifer (@hashtagruthless)
Week 4
I started BodyBoss 4 weeks ago because I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. After 5 weeks, I can do 30 push ups without stopping. BodyBoss isn't just a workout I do 3 times a week, it's become something that pushes me to be better. I've made so many choices to be healthier and I owe it all to these workouts. If I didn't take a "before" photo, I wouldn't believe the progress I've made. I can't wait to see where I am at week 12. #BossEffect #BodyBoss @BodyBossMethod *
Rylee (@ryleeumm)
Week 4
After the first cycle I noticed a difference. I don't even weigh myself because I don't care about the number on the scale- I just care about feeling fit and being toned. After my first cycle I was really motivated and it's still encouraging me to consistently complete the workouts and opt for healthier food choices. It doesn't take hours at the gym--I can do the workouts wherever. I am excited about the confidence this program has enabled me with. I am so proud of the results and am on my way to becoming toned! I hope this encourages someone to give it a try! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *
Week 4
I have been doing BodyBoss for just over a month now and I dropped 3 kilograms, it is really amazing. Yes, I was pretty lazy before but really motivated to keep going. #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *
Chloe (@lilclo93)
Week 1 PT
Results in just 1 week! Cannot wait for week 16!!! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect
Cayla (@caylabree_27)
Week 4 PT
A little close up of my before & after focusing on my back. This is where I've noticed the biggest difference, which is great because this is one of the places I wanted to tone up the most! This after 4 weeks of the pre-training and 3 weeks into the 12 week program!(: #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *
Week 4 PT
I have been doing BodyBoss for 4 weeks now and just completed the pre training. I am really blown away but the toning effect, I could feel it very quickly and motivated me to keep going. I have had 2 kids and really noticed the drop in muscle mass. Despite being very active with 2 little ones, it was not enough to tone the body. Once I drop the kids off to day care, I do BodyBoss, quick and easy. Looking forward to starting the main program next week, whoo! #BodyBoss #BossEffect @BodyBossMethod *
Thomasine (@bodybossgal)
Week 6
I love it so far! I’m on week six of the actual program now and I can see a difference, mostly in my butt and leg area! @BodyBossMethod #BodyBoss #BossEffect *