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Superfood Nutrition Guide

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  • 12 week step-by-step meal plan
  • 150+ delicious & easy healthy recipes
  • Unlock the power of Superfoods
  • Learn healthy eating habits

What Is The Superfood Nutrition Guide?

  • 12 Week Nutrition Program

    Structured eating plan that puts you in control. Nourish your body, beat cravings and achieve real results.

  • Meal-by-Meal Plan

    Each day includes 3 meals and 2 snacks that combine nutrition-dense Superfoods, lean protein, healthy fats, and wholesome carbs.

  • 150+ Satisfying and Energizing Recipes

    Great tasting with optimal levels of nutrients to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body and brain.

  • Learn healthy eating habits

    Learn how foods can satisfy, fuel, and heal the body. Establish smart eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Worksheet for goal setting

    Set weight loss and body goals and track your progress with our BodyBoss worksheet.

  • Approved Cheat Meals

    Your green light for “cheat meals” that are healthy and tasty, eg. muffins, pancakes, peanut butter and more!

  • Simple (but Super) Food Swap Guide

    Learn how to replace low-nutrient foods with better options to feel fuller for longer, and nourish the body.

  • BONUS: 4 books in 1 for everything you'll ever need!

    Weight loss tips, kitchen hacks, handy shopping lists, and progress reports to help unlock your body potential.

  • BONUS: Smoothies & Desserts Recipe Book

    Includes 30+ Power-Up Smoothies and Desserts.



What’s Included In the Nutrition Guide?

What’s Included In the Nutrition Guide?
  • 12 Week meal-by-meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
  • 150+ Satisfying and Energizing Recipes to fire up your metabolism
  • 4-books-in-1 for maximum results
    1. Introduction to Superfoods
    2. Meal Plans & Recipes Weeks 1 - 6
    3. Meal Plans & Recipes Weeks 7 - 12
    4. BONUS: 30+ Smoothies and Desserts
  • A to Z of Superfoods
  • 12 Rules of the Superfood Diet
  • Weight loss tips & kitchen hacks
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Body Goals Worksheet to define your goals and track progress

How Does It Work?


How Does It Work?

Structured Meal Plan

Designed to control your cravings and lose weight


How Does It Work?

Formulated for results

Make permanent changes to your diet to achieve your body goals


How Does It Work?

Nourishing Superfoods

Use the superpower of nutrient-dense superfoods to fuel the weight loss


How Does It Work?

Tasty and energizing meals

Feel full and satisfied thanks to the ideal balance of lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates


How Does It Work?

Goodbye cravings

With 3 full yummy meals & 2 snacks daily you’ll feel full & energized


How Does It Work?

Fire up your metabolism

Burn fat thanks to the nutrient-dense ingredients

Make a change.

Start now

Customer Reviews

4.9/5 (430)
Very happy by on November 21, 2018
I started on a weight loss journey a few months ago and even purchased a gym membership. I attend several drop-in classes and while I enjoyed them, I felt totally drained afterwards. Since I travel a friend told me about the Body Boss program she... Read more
I Can Fit into My Clothes Again!!! by on November 21, 2018
I had completely let myself go during my 2 years of grad school. When all was said and done, I barely fit into any of my clothes. Even my loosest sweat pants were pinching me! I could barely walk across a large room without getting winded. Stairs?... Read more
Best Home Workout or On the Go by on November 21, 2018
I am 4 weeks into BodyBoss and love it. It is the best home workout. But, not only that you can take it with you anywhere. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants to change their body.
Super program! by on November 21, 2018
I just can say Waooh! First, the service customer was great! They resolved a problem extremely fast. The guide is a complet program, it’s well detailed (how work the program, exercices, warm up, ...) Exercices are great too! And you can follow y... Read more
Excellent at home workout by on November 20, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed the body boss workouts and found them increasingly challenging as I gained strength and fitness. Have noticed some great changes in my body strength and muscle tone.
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